How to Reset D-Link DIR 615 Router to Factory Default

In some situation we need to know how to Reset D-Link DIR 615 Router, and it will help you to make your DIR 615 router working again, check it our below simple steps to reset D-Link DIR 615 to factory default.

Note: Factory resetting the router will erase all changes you made to the router. Internet/Wireless Settings will need to be reconfigured.

How to Reset D-Link DIR 615 Router to Factory Default

To perform a factory reset, please follow these steps:

Step 1: With the unit on, place a paper clip into the hole on the back/bottom of the unit labeled Reset.
Factory reset Default of D-Link 615 router

reset d-link dir 615 router

Step 2: Hold the paper clip down for 10 seconds and release.

Step 3: The lights on the front of the router should start to flash (The power LED may go off or turn orange) and then the device will reboot. Please allow for up to 1 minute for the reset process to complete.

Note: Do not hold the reset button for longer than 10 seconds, doing so could cause the router to go into a recovery mode (The Power light will flash or stay orange). If this happens, unplug the power from the router for 30 seconds.

Note: Resetting the router does not reset the firmware to an earlier version. It will change all settings back to factory defaults.

The Default Username and Password for your D-Link router is:

IP Address:

Username: admin

Password: <blank>

And here is the video how to reset them just for your reference.

We hope our additional information about how to reset d-link dir 615 router, will help you to upgrade the router performance, in case you still found any problem with the product you could contact d-link customer support directly. 🙂