How To Make an HTML Signatures for iPhone 6

How To Make an HTML Signatures for iPhone 6 is our title Today, Signature is what we are writing by the end of our message to significantly tell that the message is written by ourselves. Works the same way with the handwritten one, but in digital messaging, we could never draw as we please.

We usually put our digital signatures as links to our personal websites or social networking pages, such as Facebook or Twitter. It would usually contain our email addresses or telephone numbers as well. Signature is a one great way to share our information without being asked about it.

With your iPhone 6, we can create signatures for each and every email that is assigned and linked to it. This is how to create an HTML signature on iPhone 6 with this following tricks.

How To Make an HTML Signatures for iPhone 6

  • Send a self written blank email to your email from devices that already has your HTML signatures applied on it.
  • Open that email in the Mail app on your iPhone 6.
  • Tap and hold the signatures to select them all, and tap on the Copy
How To Make an HTML Signatures for iPhone 6
  • Optional: If by any chance you see that your signature pasted there is formatted by the automatic formatting of the iOS (you can indicate it by looking at the color of your pasted signature has turned to black), shake your iPhone 6 to simply open the option to Undo Tap on it to bring your previous original signature color formatting copied with the HTML content back.
  • Tap and hold on the Signature blank field there and choose the option to Paste.
  • Tap on the Signature option there, and select whether you want to set your signature to all of your emails linked with your iPhone 6 or for just a specific one.
  • Go to your iPhone 6 Settings app and go directly for Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
Signature iPhone 6
  • Then you are finished setting up your HTML signature for your iPhone 6.
setting up HTML Signatures iPhone 6

It might seem so hard to do it at first look, but once you are in the middle of it, you’ll know how simple it is to do this. We think our short explanation about how to make an HTML signatures for iPhone 6 is enough, if you have an additional tips related to do this please let us know 🙂

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