GoPro Hero3 Manual PDF and User Guide Tutorial

Before to go to GoPro Hero3 Manual information, Would you please inform us did you remember for the launching event of this GoPro Hero3 at San Francisco couple years ago?

There are 3 version of Hero3, Black Edition, Silver Edition and White edition. Check it out the GoPro Hero3 launch Video.

The Hero3 claims specs that are 30 percent smaller and 25 percent lighter than its predecessor, with a resolution that’s up to 4x higher and it has WiFi included.

GoPro Hero3 Manual

The top of the line Black Edition is capable of capturing video at up to 4K res — if you’re willing to drop the frame rate down to 15fps — however thanks to a processor it says is 2x faster, it has also doubled frame rates at lower resolutions. That means 1080p60, 1440p48 and 720p120 modes are supported for your super slow and still-HD capture needs.

The Silver Edition maxes out at 11MP stills and 1080p30 video.

While the White Edition drops down to 5MP stills. All three versions include WiFi (no BacPac necessary for remote control via the just-released-on-iOS app) however the Black edition includes a remote that can control up to 50 cameras at once with a 600ft range and is waterproof to 10 feet deep.

GoPro’s Hero3 Black Edition is the most capable action camera available today. It gives users higher resolution and higher frame rate options than the competition, but its battery life leaves much to be desired.

GoPro Hero3 Manual

We are not going to explain more detail about the product because of product specification or detail information about the GoPro HERO3 is easy to found on internet.

Because of the reason above, some people told us that, to found the old model of GoPro Hero3 user manual guide is little bit difficult on internet, so here are the GoPro Hero3 Manual for Black, Silver and White Version.

# GoPro Hero3 User Guide for Black Edition

Download (PDF, 1.06MB)

# GoPro Hero3 User Manual Guide for Silver Edition

Download (PDF, 1.54MB)

# GoPro Hero3 User Manual Guide for White Edition

Download (PDF, 1.87MB)

All of GoPro Hero3 Manual user guide above can be donwloded on their official website on and all of files are are save in PDF version. We hope our short article about GoPro Manual is useful 🙂