Connecting iPhone 6 to TV Screen

Certainly, features for Connecting iPhone 6 to TV Screen are nothing like new for almost any kind of handheld gadgets. To build a new excitement by the viewing pleasure, this feature is built on iPhone 6.

Connecting iPhone 6 to TV Screen

Connecting iPhone 6 to TV Screen image

Getting the experience of having your iPhone 6 operated on a bigger screen is not really that hard. What’s more interesting, Hulu and Netflix are also supported in this feature. Your TV show streaming sessions would feel like a real TV show in a real display. This feature also built for presentation purpose, it can also be applied on projectors.

AV Adapter image

Here is how to do it:
Two options are to choose to get this feature up

First Option – With HDMI Connector a Lightning Digital AV Adapter

What you shortly need is the sole equipment, a Lightning Digital AV Adapter

With this device, you can attach your iPhone 6 to your TV. This digital AV adapter works as the connector between your iPhone 6 and any HDMI device. Once they both connected, the display at your iPhone screen would be shown right into the TV screen, and the audio would also be routed as well. Apps, universally, would work well with this setup.

Second Option – Using AirPlay

Airplay feature

Depends on the media you want to display on your big screen, whether it is Photos or Videos, AirPlay feature could also be your way to do this. Tap on the AirPlay icon while your media is playing, then select Apple TV. This thing can be done as long as both your iPhone 6 and the TV or projectors are in the same wireless network.

We sure that this kind of tips is not useful for you who already expert for using the AirPlay features but we hope that this would be helpful for you who never reading this similar tips.

The conclusion we hope our article about how to connect iPhone 6 to TV screen will always be useful for you. 🙂

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