Turning Facebook Messenger Location Off on iPhone 6

Turning Facebook Messenger Location Off on iPhone 6 it the title Today, One day my friend texted me asking if I have departed from home to my college, I obviously said I was on the way there.

As the matter of fact, I was still in the state of being idle and lethargic watching my favorite TV shows. I had already thoughts of reason if I was about to be asked again upon my late appearance.

Turning Facebook Messenger Location Off

Minutes after, she texted me again telling me that I had been found out lying. Sort of embarrassment it was, fortunately, she is not the kind who would take it seriously upon things like this.

I just grinned and apologized when I finally arrived there. Lucky me, but then I thought again, what if I lied to the wrong people and were found out later? I asked her then, how could she know that I was lying.

marauders map

She said briefly, “Blame, Facebook… I was using the Marauders Map…” That’s how she could track me by using the Marauders Map Google Chrome Extension that allowed her getting through my exact location when I was sending my text to her.

There it was, lesson learned, it was my location on my iPhone 6 that exposed me. I swore to not let this kind of thing happens again. So here is my resolution, this might be useful to those whose privacy never want to be bothered.

Turning Facebook Messenger Location Off on iPhone 6

Location Services iPhone 6

How to turning Facebook messenger location off on iPhone 6? just look for Settings by your iPhone, navigate to Privacy, and then tap on Location Services.

You should find the culprit there, the enabled Facebook Messenger location, indicated by that annoying green button. Turn it off and you are done. Say bye-bye to location marauders. It would work the same way with any iPhone, not only for iPhone 6.

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As far as I observe, some people would never want their whereabouts exposed to others, and most of them might have made a terrible mistake by letting the public knows where they are unintentionally. Facebook Messenger has never been out of the causes ever known to this problem in concern. Just be aware of that.

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