The Features of the Upcoming iOS 9

Hinted at the WWDC 2015 just days ago, the upcoming iOS 9 will certainly be a satisfactory to iPhone and iPad users with its new features.

Announced by Apple itself, though it may not seem as immense as the preceding iOS updates, a whole new things and improvements are to be successfully implemented once it’s released.

The Features of the Upcoming iOS 9

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While the minor iOS 8.4 update has just been told to be available by the end of this month, iOS 9 Beta is already out there for the purpose of development. Good thing though, Apple Music which is also hinted to be included in the initial future release of iOS 9 this fall, would also appear in the iOS 8.4 update, so we don’t have to wait that long.

The iOS 9 are mainly developed to enhance the iPhone 6 performance as it is said that it would make a big difference on the respective release of Apple’s iPhone.

Here are some features that you would love hearing upon the upcoming iOS 9.

  • Siri is 40% faster and more accurate than iOS 8 on iPhone 6.
  • Siri would have the ability to look for photos and videos. It is vastly improved that it can also look for photos in a place or a photo of a person.
  • Siri would also remind you about things you’re looking for if you tell about it in advance, Siri would show you then on your iPhone screen.
  • A reminder built to tell you to leave early to get to your appointments, and it will show you the information on traffic as well.
    phone call image
  • Got a phone call from an unknown number is seemed to be unlikely as your iPhone would look from the email and tell you who’s calling right away.
iPhone search image
  • iPhone search can now give you information about live sports score, information on Netflix, movies, schedules, and apps that you have all in one tap.
    iPhone show contact image
  • The iPhone would show you contacts that you often email as priority by the purpose of importance.
  • Spotlight improvements that can give you a screen of your apps, contacts, news, and places nearby.
  • User privacy oriented as your searches on your iPhone will not be associated with your Apple ID and shared.
  • Apple Pay features are included within this iOS 9 release. Full use of credit cards is guaranteed for users.
notes app can add photos
  • The new Apple Notes App that can add photos and sketch drawing to your notes.
  • News apps like Flipboard and Zite that will deliver your information in beautiful layouts based on your personalized favorite sources and topics.
  • iPhone 6 battery life will be improved by hours, Apple guaranteed.
  • Low power mode that can give your battery lifespan up to 3 hours extension.
  • Optimization upon downloaded version of Apps that will use less data to download and less storage consuming.

Those fifteen aren’t all that we know there will be more features to come. iOS 9 that would come to avail by this fall would surely steal the world’s love. On the contrary, news on iPhone 6s was not really the concern upon the WWDC 2015, as we could only draw that the focus was only for this upcoming iOS 9 and the latest version of Mac’s OS X

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