Should You Have iOS 9 BETA Installed, Here Is Why You Should Not

iOS 9 BETA. iPhone 6 users must have been much fascinated with the pre-release of the iOS 9 that’s dated to be made legit by fall this year. Several updates are being said that it would surely enhance the iPhone 6 performance and features are also told being built for the recent generation of iPhone by any means.

Should You Have iOS 9 BETA Installed, Here Is Why You Should Not

iOS 9 Beta image

Patience, should it has been an issue, people holding their iPhone 6 have already gotten the iOS 9 Beta firming their device. Reasons be simple, they are just curious and eager to know what’s Apple has brought to them this time, ignoring the iOS 8.4 update that is highly assumed will make its entrance by the end of this month alongside the Apple Music.

Should you consider having the iOS 9 Beta installed on your iPhone 6, step back and rethink again. We might have reasons for you to not feel hurried by skipping over the upcoming iOS 8.4 update.

It is named with a ‘BETA’ following as surname

You should have known that ‘BETA’ means that this release is not fully completed yet. There are still thousands of things to be tested and fixed upon release that has ‘BETA’ on its name.

Assume you only have one iPhone 6 to rely on your daily basis, and it is about to be gone forever once it hits the wrong button, and you could never blame anyone for this because again, it still ‘BETA’.

Wrongs and errors are actually meant to be found upon this ‘BETA’ period. Don’t risk losing everything on a foolish attempt just to fulfill curiosity.

iOS 9 BETA’s bad reputation on apps

Many have reported that they have had their apps turned into ricochet because of the iOS 9 Beta. This might be the cause of why Apple released the iOS 9 BETA as intended for developers only, not for public.

Complaints as such have been brought to Apple from every corner of the world, therefore it is best to leave it out your to do list if you are so excited for this BETA release and consider downloading.

Downgrading, time wasted upon regret is to be made

When you find that iOS 9 BETA is nothing like you might have imagined, or worse, if it is out of your league, downgrading is always an option to get this problem to pass by.

But of course, downgrading is not really that simple and might cause you more problems when you miss out even a single step of how to do it precisely. This is likely to happen to newbies on iOS, and still errors are often found on senior’s work of iOS downgrading. On top of it, it’s blatantly time consuming.

Like we told you before, this release would be very much contained with bugs and never worth your while to spend your time on it. Nothing is certain in this iOS 9 BETA release. There is one more thing that you can try to handle this problem. Skip this BETA release for each good and wonder are already there in your iOS 8, just be grateful for once.

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