Hooks Apps iPhone 6, Organize your days

Today, we are going to share you about Hooks Apps iPhone 6, Organize your days. Have you ever considered yourself as one who misses important dates too much? Have you ever felt so terrible for you to get through holidays that had passed by without any preparation for your loved ones? Here we might have the solution for you to stay that situation out of your days ahead.

Never miss out any alarm to the upcoming holidays anymore with the little help from your best friend by your palm. For iPhone 6 users who always need to be reminded about dates, yet still asking how to do it, these steps will surely help them.

Hooks Apps is the revelation.

Hooks is a notification app that you can download freely from the App Store. It will help you organize your days on which they are not to be missed without any preparation for certain. Not only that, Hooks also provides you the ability to put a reminder on almost everything which can be notified by your iPhone, it is the only purpose of the app after all. Get all your short notices on your episode premiere of your favorite TV shows, daily weather reports, or even live scores for your big sport matches.

Now go clear up some space from the likewise apps on your iPhone 6 and get this amazing app quickly as it is regarded as best on this expertise.

Learn how to use Hooks Apps

Simply tap the plus icon by the up-right end of your Hooks user interface to create the new alert on the unavoidable ones.

Hooks Apps iPhone 6

Then, the next screen would be a list of those alerted days you have had set up. Of course it would look just a plain empty white space at first, but soon you check them up you would be in awe for how you are really prepared for things to come now.

To look for the exact alert that has been provided in the first place, get into the search tab and start typing there. Let us type ‘Holidays’ for instance.

Hooks Apps iPhone 6, Organize your days

Hooks Search

Once you get it typed, a more specific type of alert will then be generated. ‘Holidays (USA)’ is now on your screen waiting to be taped out.

The next screen is obviously the optional settings on how you would want the alert on holidays to be. You are to select the state in which you are living and determine the days to be alerted in accordance to the holidays marked.

Then, don’t forget to enable the ‘RECEIVE NOTIFICATION (PUSH)’ as you might have turned into the silliest person on Earth if this one is missed. The last option on sound is optional. You can define it based on your own preference.

Get it DONE by pressing the blue button with its respective usage labeled on. You will then get your notifications greet you by the alarm-established day when the holidays are marching on to you.

Be clever, iPhone 6 users. Would you never want to miss any holidays, being scheduled at almost everything, get a hold of yourself with this great of Hooks Apps you can download at the AppStore.

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