Dubsmash App iPhone 6 Users

We are going to share about Dubsmash app iPhone 6 users, Over these past few weeks, anyone would seem to upload their short-videos dubbing famous sayings and quotes from all over the entertainment pools. From songs, television shows & movies, even from particular most-known vines.

This thing has become an addiction to society as we can find it almost everywhere, especially on our social networking feeds, Facebook and Instagram to be exact. Getting in with its tagline ‘the new #selfie’, Dubsmash made its way conquering the world. iPhone 6 users would never want to miss this App.

Finding your favorite sounds on Dubsmash is easy! You can discover sounds by browsing through the Soundboard categories or you can find specific sounds by using our search function. this statement come from their official website ” say it with video”

Dubsmash App iPhone 6 Users

Dubsmash App iPhone 6

Playing with facial expressions and lip-synching to famous words ever incited, what could be more fun? Be Darth Vader and tell the internet that you are their long lost dad before eventually cut their right hand off, or do “and I… Will always love you…~”,’s Whitney Houston without even reaching that sky-scrapping pitch. So Dubsmash App iPhone 6 is a must have to get along with the trend today.

Dubsmash app

It’s easy to use this app. You just have to select the sound first, do a few trial practice until you are flawless recording yourself. Short after that, share it to the world when you are sure you just recorded that better the best. Let them know that you had just become someone else, be something else. See the example below

Dubsmash App iPhone 6

Dubsmash App on iPhone result

We hope our short explanation about Dubsmash App iPhone 6 will help you how to explore your face on social website regarding to follow the trend “Selfie everywhere” .

Get the app from the AppStore for free and start dubbing cool and silly to fool around your milieu.

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