Disabling iMessage’s ‘Read Receipts’ Feature on iPhone 6

Further to our previous post about The Features of the Upcoming iOS 9, Today we are going to share you ihone 6 tips ” Disabling iMessage’s ‘ Read Receipts ’ Feature on iPhone 6″

Yes, some of people really want to know how to disable iMessage’s “read receipts” feature on Iphone 6, Often having situations where you want to just ignore and avoid reading message, then accidentally you open it and let the ones on the other end know you have gotten their messages? Read this short guidance to your safe haven of being unknown of reading messages on your iPhone 6.

Disabling iMessage’s ‘Read Receipts’ Feature on iPhone 6

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Briefly, ‘read receipt’ is one of the messaging features that came in the iPhone’s iMessage app. It lets users know if their message is already read by their recipients. Certainly, the feature is purposed to give the information about the sent message.

Whether the message has been successfully sent and read or not, seemed that it would be just okay for us when we are the ones who text them. What if we are in the position who get the text and unwilling to read it of some sort, yet we are in curiosity upon the message inside?

Feature like this has been around within the chatting apps i.e. BBM, Line, WhatsApp, and etc. None of them gives us the ability to turn this feature off, but fortunately, the iMessage in your iPhone 6 does. Crack open your iPhone 6 to meet your own quality standard.

We know that this information is not good enough for you who an expert of using all of features on iPhone 6, but we hope our article about Disabling iMessage’s ‘Read Receipts’ Feature on iPhone 6 is useful for you who never reading this tip before. We just think that this iPhone tips for our record only and can be useful for the futures:-)

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