DHCP Server Settings for D-Link Router DIR 615

We are going to inform you about DHCP server setting for D-Link wireless router dir 615. Actually this tip also already explained by Manual user guide, Bu we decided to share in this article too. You know DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Control Protocol. Wireless router D-link DIR-615 has a built-in DHCP server.

The DHCP Server will automatically assign an IP address to the computers on the LAN/private network. Be sure to set your computers to be DHCP clients by setting their TCP/IP settings to “Obtain an IP Address Automatically.” When you turn your computers on, they will automatically load the proper TCP/IP settings provided by the DIR-615.

The DHCP Server will automatically allocate an unused IP address from the IP address pool to the requesting computer. You must specify the starting and ending address of the IP address pool.

DHCP Server Settings for D-Link Router DIR 615

Enable DHCP Server:  Check this box to enable the DHCP server on your router. Uncheck to disable this function.
DHCP IP Address Range: Enter the starting and ending IP addresses for the DHCP server’s IP assignment.

Note: If you statically (manually) assign IP addresses to your computers or devices, make sure the IP addresses are outside of this range or you may have an IP conflict.

Lease Time: The length of time for the IP address lease. Enter the Lease time in minutes.
Always Broadcast: Enable this function to ensure compatibility with some DHCP clients.

Now we are going to set the DHCP Reservation for D-Link wireless router DIR-615.

If you want a computer or device to always have the same IP address assigned, you can create a DHCP reservation. The router will
assign the IP address only to that computer or device.

Note: This IP address must be within the DHCP IP Address Range.

Enable: Check this box to enable the reservation.
Computer Name: Enter the computer name or select from the drop-down
menu and click <<.
IP Address: Enter the IP address you want to assign to the computer or device. This IP Address must be within the DHCP IP Address Range.
MAC Address: Enter the MAC address of the computer or device.
Copy Your PC’s MAC Address: If you want to assign an IP address to the computer you are currently on, click this button to populate the fields.
Save: Click Save to save your entry. You must click Save Settings at the top to activate your reservations.
Number of Dynamic DHCP Clients: In this section you can see what LAN devices are currently leasing IP addresses.
Revoke: Click Revoke to cancel the lease for a specific LAN device and free an entry in the lease table. Do this only if the device no longer needs the leased IP address, because, for example, it has been removed from the network.

Note:  The Revoke option will not disconnect a PC with a current network session from the network; you would need to use MAC Address Filter to do that. Revoke will only free up a DHCP Address for the very next requester. If the previous owner is still available, those two devices may both receive an IP Address Conflict error, or the second device may still not receive an IP Address; in that case, you may still need to extend the “DHCP IP Address Range” to address the issue, it is located in the DHCP Server section.

Reserve: The Reserve option converts this dynamic IP allocation into a DHCP Reservation and adds the corresponding entry to the DHCP Reservations List.

For sure, regarding to set DHCP reservation please see the screen shot below:DHCP Server Settings for D-Link Router DIR 615

We hope, our short explanation about DHCP server setting for D-Link Wireless N 300 DIR-615 Router, would help you. If you have additional experience, do not hesitate to add here. 🙂