Creating a Time-Lapse Video with iPhone 6

Creating a time-lapse video with iPhone 6 is the title Today. To those who don’t know yet what a time-lapse video is, it’s a kind of video that is played at an extreme fast-forward speed in the purpose of seeing the time-related scenery changing by the frames captured by the video.

To put it simple, we are going to see a 4 hours duration video, being fast-forwarded into 25 seconds in a time-lapse video. How great is that? To be more specific, it’s the view of skies that change from time to time, or the evolution phases of caterpillars to butterflies, often seen on most discovery TV channels.

Creating a Time-Lapse Video with iPhone 6

Creating Time-Lapse

Creating time-lapse video is one of the newest features built iPhone 6. Using the camera app that comes within the iOS 8, it has taken people being impressed by the grandeur of what can be done by this certain release of the new Apple’s iOS. Despite the greatness we are about to get by making a time-lapse video, how to do it, is shockingly easy.
What you would require, beside your iPhone:

1. A tripod
2. Creativity
3. Patience


A tripod is a compulsory in making a time-lapse video. We don’t really have to explain what this thing can do as it is just obvious. To keep your iPhone stand and stable while recording a time-lapse video, because you are not a statue which can hold gadget like steady still for hours a tripod is of course required.

time lapse video

Think big, out of context of ideas of movie making. Rather than having thoughts of recording people walking down the street, explore what can be more interesting. Try to ask the nature for what it has given us much wonders, or try to conceive it from your internal perception of life. Content is the most important part in each and every work of arts. Be sure not to be decent.

time consuming

As we have told you before, this time-lapse video making is severely time-consuming. Just put your iPhone directed to the object at which you are recording and leave it at that for a little while. Go do your house chores, watch your TV, or play some video games while waiting for it to be done. Check it particularly to see it doesn’t go wrong, but never bother touching your recording phone, you wouldn’t want shaking frames goes into your video accidentally.

Then again, to make a super cool time-lapse video is beyond simplicity with your iPhone 6. Be ingenious, show the world what’s your head’s made of, and astound them nice and instant.I hope this short tips useful for you and do not forget to to check the manual user guide for iPhone 6 for reference

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