DHCP Server Settings for D-Link Router DIR 615

Add DHCP Reservation

We are going to inform you about DHCP server setting for D-Link wireless router dir 615. Actually this tip also already explained by Manual user guide, Bu we decided to share in this article too. You know DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Control Protocol. Wireless router D-link DIR-615 has a built-in DHCP server. The DHCP […]

D-Link Router web-based Configurations

D-Link Router ping yaoo

D-Link Router web-based Configurations, We would like to inform you another important point regarding to avoid problems that can occur during the installation and operation of the D-Link DIR-615 Router.  We have published some tips about D-Link DIR-615 Setup and Troubleshooting before, but in this article we will to add some troubleshooting and the solution. […]

D-Link wireless router Installation Considerations

Today title is about D-Link wireless router Installation Considerations. Actually the D-Link wireless router installation considerations already informed in the D-Link DIR-615 user manual, so in this article we just want to remind again that you have to know the 6 (six) important point of Wireless Installation Considerations. Please configure the router with the computer that […]

Firmware Upgrade for D-Link DIR-615 – All Revision

We would like to share you the firmware upgrade for all of revision of D-Link Wireless N300 Router “DIR-615”. Why do we need to update firmware? We are not really sure about the correct answers but firmware updates generally are for correcting ‘bugs’ in the code that is used as the product operating system. Sometimes […]

D-Link DIR-615 Setup and Troubleshooting

Today, we are going to share you the d-link dir-615 setup and troubleshooting. First of all you need to know the manual user guide for this product, you could print the manual user guide or download from the link from the source. After that, you have to make sure that you already hold some equipment […]

Buku Panduan Lengkap Cara Cepat Hamil

Saya sebagai pengelola blog ini tidak sedang berbasa-basi, saya hanya ingin merekomendasikan sebuah buku Panduan Lengkap Cara Cepat Hamil karya salah satu dokter Spesialis kandungan terkenal yaitu dr.Rosdiana Ramli SPOG,   Kenapa saya merekomendasikan buku ini? Berikut alsan simpel dan singkat saya: Buku ini ditulis oleh dokter spesialis kandungan yang memang ahli dalam menangani masalah […]