The Features of the Upcoming iOS 9

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Hinted at the WWDC 2015 just days ago, the upcoming iOS 9 will certainly be a satisfactory to iPhone and iPad users with its new features. Announced by Apple itself, though it may not seem as immense as the preceding iOS updates, a whole new things and improvements are to be successfully implemented once it’s […]

Connecting iPhone 6 to TV Screen

Airplay feature

Certainly, features for Connecting iPhone 6 to TV Screen are nothing like new for almost any kind of handheld gadgets. To build a new excitement by the viewing pleasure, this feature is built on iPhone 6. Connecting iPhone 6 to TV Screen Getting the experience of having your iPhone 6 operated on a bigger screen […]

Creating a Time-Lapse Video with iPhone 6

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Creating a time-lapse video with iPhone 6 is the title Today. To those who don’t know yet what a time-lapse video is, it’s a kind of video that is played at an extreme fast-forward speed in the purpose of seeing the time-related scenery changing by the frames captured by the video. To put it simple, […]

Cara Memblokir Web Melalui Modem Router

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Cara Memblokir web (sebuah website) atau sebuah URL melalui ADSL Modem router tidaklah terlalu sulit, dan saya juga yakin bahwa artikel terkait hal ini sudah berserakan di mesin pencari baik itu google, yahoo, bing dan lain sebagainya. Kalau saya hanya ingin bermaksud mencatat ulang apa yang sudah saya kerjakan beberapa detik yang lalu yaitu saya […]

Firewall Settings and Wi-Fi Protected for DIR 615 dlink


We are going to share another useful information especially for firewall settings and Wi-Fi Protected of DIR 615 dlink router. Firewall Settings A firewall protects your network from the outside world. The D-Link DIR-615 offers a firewall type functionality. The SPI feature helps prevent cyber attacks. Sometimes you may want a computer exposed to the […]