AirPlay Feature on iPhone 6, executed by Control Center

AirPlay feature on iPhone 6 icon, as it is meant to re-display your iPhone 6 to your TV screens and projectors are tend to be hard to be found considering the varied Apps that support this feature.

AirPlay Feature on iPhone 6, executed by Control Center

Airplay feature on iPhone 6

They are there, but each one of the Apps has a different place where this icon is being docked on, and they are also in different sizes. That is why, to make it simple, the Control Center at which almost everything is settled there, has the ability to execute the AirPlay feature. By the meaning of one tap, your solution to lift the time of looking for the button to tap is presented.

In a simple 4 steps to manage it,

  1. Swipe up the bottom screen of your iPhone 6 to open the Control Center.
  2. Then you should find the AirPlay option there, tap on it.
  3. The attached screen devices within the same wireless network are then going to be there, simply choose your desired Apple TV to display your iPhone 6 screen.
  4. Close the control center down.
Control center

After you have done with those steps, Apps that support the AirPlay feature would be shown at your chosen screen eventually. Time won’t be wasted anymore this way. This article is related to connecting iPhone 6 to TV Screen.

We know that this information is not good enough for you who an expert of using all of features on iPhone 6, but we hope our article aboutAirPlay Feature on iPhone 6, executed by Control Center is useful for you who never reading this tip before. We just think that this iPhone tips for our record only and can be useful for the futures 🙂

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